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Shandong Xinquan is the pharmaceutical enterprise engages in research and production of the pharmaceutical intermediates and cephalosporin APIs, is the high-tech enterprise of the country and the innovative growth enterprise of Zibo City, the emerging industrialization demonstration base of Shandong Province--one of the core enterprises with cephalosporin industrialization demonstration base. The company established 'Provincial enterprise technology center', 'Provincial engineering technology research center' and 'State key laboratory of ecological chemical training base'. For recent years, the company is constantly enhancing the strength of the technology innovation, and has established long-term cooperation relationship with many colleges and universities and national research institutes. 



We adopted the combination of independent innovation and joint R & D to develop a series pharmaceutical new products, finish more than 60 scientific and technological achievements and achieve 29 invention patents. The enzymatic hydrolysis of cefuroxime acid products fills in the blank of the domestic and reaches the international advanced level, won the national, provincial enterprise innovation and development fund; quaternary ammonium salt synthesis of cefepime hydrochloride products fills in the blank of China, and reaches the international advanced level; the sulfate cefpirome and other 5 kings of products are listed in the provincial and municipal technology development projects. Realize the transformation from the intermediates to 2, 3, 4 generations of cephalosporins APIs , enzyme inhibitors and imipenem antibiotics series products. and we are appointed as the designated supplier by more than 10 well-known pharmaceutical companies, moreover, our products are exported to international market.


The company possesses distillation apparatus, precise filtration device, automatic unloading centrifugal device and other domestic advanced production devices. The company also has high performance liquid chromatograph, automatic potentiometric titrator, automatic moisture analyzer, gas chromatograph and other worldwide advanced inspection equipments. The whole production process adopts automatic control system to realize the application of phase transfer catalysis, solid phase organic synthesis, multicomponent synthesis and other advanced chemical synthesis. Initially formed the industry chain consisting of basic material chemical, pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.


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Product key words:Ceftriaxone sodium (MAEM2-(2-Aminothiazole-4...3-Chlorocarbonyl-1-m...4-Ethyl-2,3-dioxypip1-Chlorocarbonyl-2-i

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